Learning Matrix

This week’s learning matrix required a great deal of research in order to understand the content before completing the assignment. I spent a significant amount of time on my computer tied down in learning what each theory was before even looking at how to complete a learning matrix. I anticipate that my classroom will grow from the information I have acquired through this learning matrix. For instance,  I was not as familiar with behaviorism as I was connectivism in my classroom. In learning that behaviorism is a reaction to an environmental stimuli, I understood that by giving behavioral feedback through spreadsheets allowed students to quickly respond back to their behavior in the classroom. This could particularly help my classes that are full of ESL Students, learning how they are doing and what needs to change in order to become successful. These students as well as the entirety of my classes can promote greater work ethic by using technology in the classroom through the behaviorism theory. One of the biggest challenges I faced when completing the matrix this week was conflicting information on different sites, therefor I had to check and double check that each bit of information was correct before basing my learning matrix on that information. One of my major resources surprisingly was notes taken from a physiology course in my undergraduate studies. In addition I relied on these web sources for information as well.




EDM 510 Learning Theory Matrix HP

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